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NESS Provides parent training in NY & CT

Mother and Son
Parent Training Services

Parent training is often paired with our ABA Therapy to help you effectively maintain your child's new skills and behaviors.

While the work of an ABA therapist can help improve the life of an individual diagnosed with autism, this progress must continue beyond the clinical setting. Not doing so could compromise or delay the therapeutic process and make it harder to reach behavioral goals. In support of this claim, studies indicate that having parent training as part of an overall ABA therapy strategy makes it easier for positive behaviors to be retained.

In ABA Parent Training, the therapist teaches the parents of the individual diagnosed with autism how to implement the tactics utilized in a clinical setting in other environments, such as the home or the community. These tactics maintain the same strategic structure, allowing the individual to retain a sense of familiarity with the process. This familiarity, in turn, facilitates the individual’s engagement in the same positive behaviors in a nonclinical environment — behaviors that would conceivably recur naturally over time.

Therapist and Patient
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