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“Who do you think you are?”

As you read this in your head what tone was used? A natural response is to feel defensive since others often ask to question our character and self-worth. Now, it’s time for you to ask yourself.

Desirie Sykes, founder of NESS Cares, Inc. and author of "Who Do You Think You Are?" encourages her readers to dig deep within themselves in order to take control of their destinies.

Inspired by the personal experience of the author and Christian theology and classical philosophy, this book includes exercises that will enable you to address and dismantle emotional baggage and instill positive practices to fulfill an optimistic and vision-oriented lifestyle.

In addition, "Who Do You Think You Are" encourages readers to manifest confidence and success with a bonus feature of 30 days of affirmation and a special message from the author.


The time is now. Take charge of your future and get ready to embark on the journey to discover the true YOU.

Who Do You Think You Are?: A motivational workbook for visionary thinkers

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