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Bank of America Charitable Foundation focuses on improving the lives of individuals and families by investing in basic needs and workforce development and education and also strengthening broader community vitality by addressing needs related to affordable housing, small business, and neighborhood revitalization. Through our partnerships, we support vulnerable populations, including working families, youth and young adults out of school and work, seniors, individuals living with disabilities, veterans, and those impacted by the criminal justice system – enabling them to move forward toward their goals.

The Berkshire Bank Foundation is committed to supporting programs that work to provide everyone an equal opportunity for economic prosperity.

  • Small Business - Supporting small business growth and entrepreneurship through access to capital, education and technical assistance, with an emphasis on greater access to minority, women and LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

  • Financial Inclusion - Investing in programs that foster a pathway to upward economic mobility and overall well-being, with a focus on supporting the underbanked and unbanked.

  • Housing - Providing access to quality affordable housing to help individuals and families gain financial stability and achieve long-term wealth, including providing a pathway to first-time homeownership for people of color, women and other marginalized groups.

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Carnegie Corporation of New York works to promote democracy, education, and peace across the globe, advancing knowledge and understanding in these areas of central importance. A grantmaking foundation established by Andrew Carnegie in 1911, the Corporation supports innovative projects, organizations, and individuals that are striving to create meaningful change.


KeyBank Foundation is a nonprofit charitable foundation, funded by KeyCorp, KeyBank National Association (“KeyBank”), and their affiliates. KeyBank Foundation supports organizations and programs that prepare individuals for thriving futures. As a corporate neighbor, our mission is advanced through our three funding priorities, Neighbors, Education and Workforce with a focus on advancing socio-economic, racial, and environmental equity.

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Prudential is one of the largest corporate supporters of YouthBuild, a program that helps opportunity youth – young people ages 16 to 24 who are not employed nor in school – find pathways to meaningful employment by learning construction skills. Aside from that, we are also Unlocking the Wellness Effect as we aim to promote broader reforms in both labor and financial markets creating opportunities for all Americans to achieve financial security. Lastly, Working faster to save children's lives as Prudential is the largest corporate donor to the Mercury Fund, which provides immediate deployment at the onset of disasters and emergencies.

In 2017, Santander Bank N.A. released the Inclusive Communities Plan (ICP), an outline of our commitment to promoting local economic development through small business growth and increasing local economic and financial inclusion through 2021.

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The Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation (NBO Foundation) is committed to improving communities and impacting lives through three unique philanthropic committees: The Education Committee, the Journalism Committee, and the Community Impact Fund.


Lyft is committed to empowering nonprofit organizations advancing inclusion and racial justice to make their communities stronger, healthier, and more equitable.

The Mott Foundation funds grants in the United States and, on a limited geographic basis, internationally. While we’re open to new ideas and projects, funding for unsolicited requests is very limited. If you’re interested in submitting an idea to us for funding, the first step is to complete a letter of inquiry (LOI) form. 

DCU for Kids is proud to help organizations with deserving causes and charities benefitting children and families. Some organizations that receive support include youth community programs, anti-bullying initiatives, and causes that are helping families whose loved ones are coping with cancer, cystic fibrosis, or autism.


The Chatlos Foundation proclaims the Glory of God by funding nonprofit organizations doing work in the United States and around the globe. Support is provided to organizations currently exempt by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.

The Foundation’s areas of interest are:
Bible Colleges/Seminaries, Religious Causes, Medical Concerns, Liberal Arts Colleges and Social Concerns.


True Inspiration Awards grants range from $30,000 to $350,000, with a collective $5 million awarded annually to organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

Our mission is to provide Black/Brown woman-identifying founders with access to the community, capital, and capacity building in order to meet business milestones that lead to economic advancement through entrepreneurship.

We fund and scale tech-enabled, revenue-generating businesses (under $1M) founded by people who identify as Black/Brown and women. We ignite civic engagement and hyperlocal infrastructure at the intersection of business support services, supplier diversity, and social and financial capital.


Discover initiates the vast majority of its donations and sponsorships. We are committed to supporting the many volunteer efforts of our employees and have an interest in supporting financial education. 


Allianz exclusive focus for social impact is the creation or significant expansion (by 50% or more) of personal and professional growth experiences for high-school/GED-aged teenagers and young adults (ages 16-25).


The Foundation mostly focuses giving grants to grassroots organizations with an annual budget cap of $500,000 or less. Organizations must maintain an IRS 501(c)(3) classification. The Foundation cannot fund organizations that use a Fiscal Agent.


Lumina Foundation intends to work with organizations whose efforts align with our strategic plan and that embrace our equity-first commitment. We prioritize racial justice and equity in all of our efforts.


37 Angels are a community of women angel investors focused on helping female investors find and apply for funding from the world's top accelerators. The name for the venture capital group comes from 13 percent of angel investors being women, and they want that number to be 50 percent. Angel investors are affluent individuals who inject capital for startups in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.


The Cartier Women's Initiative is an annual international entrepreneurship program that aims to drive change by empowering women impact entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006, the program is open to women-run and women-owned businesses from any country and sector that aim to have a strong and sustainable social and/or environmental impact.


TJ Maxx provides great value to their communities by helping vulnerable families, and children access the resources and opportunities they need to build a better future.


Santander’s CDFI Initiative launched in 2017 to build the capacity of mission-aligned Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). Through this $7 million multi-year program, we help CDFIs increase equity, expand geographically and provide loans and technical assistance to LMI and diverse entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Altman Foundation's mission is to enrich the quality of life in New York City through support for programs and institutions that advance opportunity and equity for individuals, families, and communities.

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Walmart and the Walmart Foundation provided more than $1.5 billion in cash and in-kind annual giving. We focus on areas where they can do the most good — combining the business's unique strengths alongside our philanthropy. Their ability to draw on Walmart's business strengths, providing more than just funding, enables our philanthropy to deliver greater societal impact.


New York’s community foundation, serving New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties. Their competitive grants are made possible primarily by funds set up by donor bequests and wills, supporting projects to improve the lives of New Yorkers.


Seed Fund helps startups navigate the earliest stages of technology translation, investing roughly $200 million annually in approximately 400 startups. Each startup can receive up to $2 million to support translational research and development. From advanced manufacturing to artificial intelligence to biological technologies to environmental technologies, we fund nearly all technology areas.

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The second round of grants opens soon, on September 1st, 2023, and will be available to Native American/American Indian business owners. Applications close on November 30th, 2023 and the winner will be announced later that year.

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We invest first and foremost in people. We are looking to invest in female founders driven by a strong mission to challenge, shape, and redefine their markets. As a team of female investors, we use our unique lens to spot opportunities and identity cultural shifts which drive our investing philosophy. Our investments fall into the following categories: Healthcare, Beauty, Software Solutions, AI and Climate Tech.

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