At Home ASD New Year's Eve

2020 is finally coming to an end and the excitement for a fresh start is among the horizon. The arrival of a new year brings forth reflection of the past and hope for the future.

The holiday traditionally has loud noises, flashing lights and late night celebrations and these stimulants may cause your child to have a sensory overload.

With this year consisting of a whirlwind of emotions, sudden changes and limitations, the NESS team has the following tips to prepare your family for an ASD friendly celebration to keep optimistic for 2021!

Fireworks Precaution Tips

1. Early Awareness: Remind your child of what they may see and hear within their neighborhood during the days leading into New Year's Eve, such as loud popping and bright lights produced from fireworks.

2. Protective Gear: Consider protective gear such as ear plugs, noise cancelling headphones and alternative sound sources such as a music playlist indoors to re-direct focus away from the continuous pops of fireworks. In addition, if your family decides to briefly view the light show make sure to have a mask for each person.

3. Keep The Distance: With Covid-19 in mind it is important to continue practicing social distancing (6ft apart and small groups). While watching the fireworks display, keep cautious of your child's comfort level. The weather condition is important to consider. If viewing outside, make sure your child is dressed appropriately with warm clothing (gloves, scarves, jacket) and provide comfort with a seating area, favorite toys and a cozy blanket. As an alternative, opt for viewing from a window to stay warm.

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Indoor Watch Party

A great alternative to watching fireworks live in action is to watch it directly from the comfort of your computer or TV indoors.

Parents have the advantage of being in control of the content viewed by pre-selecting NYE videos suitable

for children via youtube. Creating a playlist will set you in the right direction of a safe, fun viewing of the celebrations around the world!

Countdown To Noon Instead Of Midnight

As parent's with ASD children you understand that sticking with a routine. With New Year's Eve celebrations traditionally occurring late at night children tend to miss out on the fun. A solution to this is to have a reverse NYE at noon!

This gives children the ability to countdown to 12pm. Also, this is a great way to interact with family and friends via phone or video chat throughout the day.

Prepare for the reverse countdown with party hats, favorite snacks and dance to your favorite family-friendly tunes! Your kids will be sure to have a ball and the best part is they'll be able to keep their sleeping schedule, as much as possible, without missing out.

Download our NESS NYE Clock from the NESS Library

As we close out the final days of 2020 we wish you the best as you surround yourselves with special loved ones. With a year that's forced us to make unprecedented changes one thing remains true, that our families keep us grounded, focused and hopeful for the future and continue to motivate us to live and love with generosity.

What are you excited about for the upcoming year? Comment below filling in the blanks "Goodbye _____ in 2020, Hello ______ in 2021!"

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