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sensory box initiative

Sensory Bag Initiative

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Sensory Bag Evolution

Sensory Box Program was created in 2020; we're thrilled to announce its evolution into a sensory bag format in 2024. This transformation allows the inclusion of sensory items in a more portable and versatile manner, enhancing usability for families across various settings.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Stop & Shop, Enabling Devices and Long Island Speech for their generous in-kind donations and unwavering support since the inception of this program.

In order to maintain affordable pricing for these bags, we kindly request your ongoing support through donations to the Sensory Bag program. Your contributions play a vital role in ensuring accessibility to these essential resources.

Purchase Your  Sensory Bag 

Since the launch of the Sensory Box Initiative in April 2020, we've joyfully distributed over 100 boxes to families!

Be among the first to receive updates on the release of the sensory bag! Stay tuned for more details and be part of this exciting journey.


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Engage in acts of inclusivity and compassion! Take part in NESS Cares' fundraising events to profoundly impact the lives of individuals with behavioral and mental health needs. Your involvement drives our mission toward fostering a more inclusive and supportive community. Together, our collective efforts can truly make a difference!

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