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Learn more about our services, accepted insurances and NESS Behavior Consulting mission in our latest brochure
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ABA Therapy:
The Intake

Our evidence-based treatment therapy is designed to help children

with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

A BCBA/LBA will be assigned to your case to complete an initial assessment and develop an individualize treatment to reduce problem behavior and increase functional skills.

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Request a brochure.png

Be Ready:

- Plan on a 20 -30 min call

- Have your insurance card

- Have a ASD diagnosis from the doctor

- Know your child's availability

- Have a list of questions

This rate sheet was developed for families who are in need of our services, but do not have adequate insurance to cover the services billing.

If you are a school or education program, looking for a Behavior Consultation services, please request our NESS Contract Rate Sheet.

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