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sensory box initiative

Sensory Bag Initiative

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In 2020, we launched the Sensory Box Initiative Program. In 2023, we will be revamping the box to a sensory bag. This change will allow sensory items to be carried in different settings and provide more functionality for families.

Additionally, we have partnered with Sensory and Play,  who will be our main sponsor for providing sensory items to fill our bags. We want to thank Enabling Devices and Long Island Speech for their in-kind donations and ongoing support since the launch of this program. 

To keep the cost of these bags low, we ask for your continued support by donating to the Sensory Bag program.


(Watch: NESS Families love our sensory boxes)


Since the Sensory Box Initiative Launched in April 2020 we have successfully distributed over 100 boxes to families!

The NESS Team is working hard to develop a Sensory Bag. Join the waitlist to receive a notification when the SENSORY BAGS are available.


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